PAUSE An Initiative by The Wellness Report

Taking it offline, PAUSE An Initiative by The Wellness Report will be where the community meets. The intention is to encourage slow-living and how one should Pause For Wellness™. A new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle – a time to rest, time and space to plant seeds of intention, reflect and work towards current and new opportunity. This is a time to create that space for ourselves and we think it is only right to make it a ritual.


While we like to create an offline space for our activities (workshops, events), we feel we are happy to have an online space for now. But hey, manifestation starts from thought and perhaps in the month or two we may have a physical space. For now we pop-up around for you to pop-in! Every first Saturday of the month, we organise a wellness weekend that explores wellness topics through workshops and talks. We feel that we can learn so much from one another, so let us do the organising and we’ll see you at the session/s – bring a friend or two.


Keep updated for our upcoming events at If you'd like us to curate something for you and your friends, email us