A circle has no beginning and no end; it has infinite potential. As The Wellness Report is surrounded by the concept of slow living and #pauseforwellness, we hold this circle as a call for us to gather - to align ourselves in our mind, our body and our spirit. Let's slow down and listen. We have all become human-doings instead of human-beings. So use this gathering as a space to listen and share of our truths and own wisdom, practice of trust, respect and gratitude and supporting each other in what we hope to manifest in our lives. We invite you to do the same.


Be part of this like-minded community who wants to live a thriving, conscious and balanced way of life. We are not selling you a quick fix program (we are not fans of that!) or subscription to our site. We are selling you a lifestyle upgrade as it should. We provide the tools, you make your own that works for you. As we believe, the best healers are already within you.

  • Quarterly wellness summit with reference to the quarterly magazine issue
  • Monthly pause sessions in your city (read what people said about it or watch how we create our magic!)
  • On-going exclusive deals, discounts and perks with only our preferred partners