Expert Colum: The quieter i become, the more i can hear.

If you are keen to find out more about Hush @ Workplace and Hush, the Silent TeaBar,  visit Have you ever had all the sounds that represent the life as you know it shut off on you? I

If you are keen to find out more about Hush @ Workplace and Hush, the Silent TeaBar,  visit

Have you ever had all the sounds that represent the life as you know it shut off on you?

I experienced that 9 years ago at the dizzying heights of ‘success’ when the rug of life as I knew it was pulled right from under my feet in one fell swoop and I plunged into the proverbial black hole, a deep abyss of barren-ness. Where I truly heard myself for the first time in that deafening silence. And so silence became my healing….my courage, my expansion…. through a dedicated devotional practice of meditation – twice a day, every day.

Silence transformed (and is still transforming) me – it has given me the inner peace and contentment to love more, live more and be more. The quieter I become, the more I can hear. And the more I yearn to be who I can/must be. I wanted to share this transformational experience with the world. So in Dec 2013, I took the last corporate pay check as managing director in a banking consulting arm of a UK-listed company to fully embrace the privilege of living out my aspirations to serve through coaching, volunteerism, social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

How often do we say “I don’t have time.”? Are we really as busy as we think we are? Has being busy become a habit that we often forget to breathe? Do we mistake movement with achievement?

The Wellness Report is excited for this Saturday (8 October) to try out our own Hush experience – an hour of just tea, silence and self-reflection.


Why start a business when you can start a movement or two, right? I believe there’s a place for silence in changing the world, no less powerful than the fiery social activism that we continue to embrace and be inspired by. The hearing-impaired has the most invisible disability and yet could be the most crippling disability in this hearing world that we live in. In my opinion, they are the most underserved amongst persons with disabilities and I have great admiration for them.

So in 2014, Hush was launched as a social movement to bring the worlds of hearing and hearing-impaired together and Singapore’s 1st Silent TeaBar… and possibly the world’s first – was born. We wanted to brew a silence revolution for good (every pun intended!).

When was the last time you turn off the volume knob on life to listen to its eloquence in hush? What have you missed in that rush?

The Hush Experience is a carefully-crafted 4-zone journey to provide a well-guided and gentle process of bringing you from rush to hush, and then from hush to rush (sorry, you still need to come back to this world!). The 1st zone is Intention Zone where our deaf TeaRistas guide you into a place of positive thoughts through the selection of our TeaMoods (original tea blends) and make you give up your mobile devices (!!), 2nd is Hush Zone where our TeaRistas facilitate a TeaRitual to help you transition into a space of withdrawal and awareness through silence, 3rd is Expression Zone where you have the opportunity to express your reflections and experience during the silence into tea art made with our tea ink and 4th is Sharing Zone to share our experiences with each other and realise that in silence, we are the same. And we are one because of our diversity.

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Hush was founded with the deep desire to bring overworked, overstressed executives from rush to hush through a cup of tea appreciated mindfully and in complete silence, whilst creating dignified and inclusive employment opportunities for the deaf. In silence, we are the same. In silence, the space to ask ourselves “what are the implications of our thoughts, feelings and actions to ourselves and others?” becomes available. We will have more self-awareness to speak and act meaningfully, mindfully and wisely. That place of stillness within us, away from the hustle and bustle of thoughts and actions, is where we remember who we are, and who we are to each other. And this awareness and ensuing actions make for a happier, kinder world.

I am listening and living a different tune of life since that deafening silence 9 years ago. And humbly stand before you today as a silence evangelist! I love this little red dot as a daughter of its soil, and fervently believe that we are on the cusp of a social transformation as a people, after 50 years of economic transformation. We are all hungry to go deeper into the meaning of lives and self-actualisation. Moments of silence incubate genuine self-encounters, and awareness and responsibility to self and others. I believe the practice of silence and awareness will help build our emotional resilience as individuals and as a collective, and balance our desires for economic progress and social harmony.

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