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The Wellness Report™ is a holistic approach to health, wellness and conscious living. Being the first multimedia wellness platform, our online magazine is built on palatable bite-sized concept videos, podcast, articles and online courses - sharing useful, holistic knowledge for living well in the modern world. With quarterly issues and special city guides a year, The Wellness Report brings a holistic perspective, reporting to health and wellness.

Launched in Spring of 2016, The Wellness Report brings offline initiatives, titled 'PAUSE An Initiative by The Wellness Report'. As we are constantly surrounded by intentions and inspiration of #pauseforwellness, our intent is to complement you, our reader's editorial journey, with lifestyle curated, vetted and quality events, workshops and more.


Ferina's journey to health and wellness stems from her struggles with anxiety disorder. The exploration of the how the body and mind works not only carved a path of information but also a sense of curiosity for her. Hence, the creation and founding of The Wellness Report.


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