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Coming Soon: Pause For Wellness Podcast

Audio Podcast

Starting September 2016. Every Wednesday noon at 1pm (GMT +8) “Pause For Wellness Podcast with Stephanie Bovis” is a must-listen podcast channel for those who wants to live the best version of themselves – mind body spirit. Stephanie Bovis will…

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Why giving yourself and others space is key?

Heal & Empower

Caught up in the demands of daily life, it is easy to forget to take the time to give ourselves space. It remains an idea, fluid and necessary as water but mostly ignored, till the thirst gets overwhelming. “Silence is an empty…

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What is #pauseforwellness ?

#pauseforwellness workshops

What and Who? #pauseforwellness is a campaign created and led by The Wellness Report (@thewellnessreport) . An initiative to encourage slow living, better self care and overall positive well-being. Why? A new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle…

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Finding Your Roots

Heal & Empower

  Familiar with the burnout and just feeling scattered? Finding that equilibrium within us can be daunting and sometimes unsettling as being ‘busy’ is becoming second nature. Anxiety, depression are much connected to the root chakra. They stem from the…

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Liver detox and homeopathy

Food & Nutrition

We live in a toxic, toxic world. On a daily basis, we are in constant contact with a numerous amount of toxins, be it in our environment, in the air that we breathe, the products that we use, the food…

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Easy Everyday Green Smoothie

Food & Nutrition

The Wellness Report loves a good tasting smoothie. It is a simple yet great way to incorporate greens, fibre and other goodness to our overall nutrition to our diets. This smoothie – thanks to our friend from Glou – is…

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Poor Habits & Patterns as root cause of dis-ease

Audio Podcast

15min Interview How poor habits and recurring patterns are the root cause for disease or dis-ease. One of Dr. Tjok’s favorite topics to discuss, he claims that poor habits and recurring patterns are the root cause for disease. While the…

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Soften. Breathe. Move from the middle.

Heal & Empower

Thank you Tara Stiles for sharing this article with us. I’ve learned something incredibly valuable over the last several years, and it goes against everything I’ve been taught about achieving in my life. It’s been a revolution for me, allowing me…

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Heal Anxiety with Meditation and Mindfulness

Heal & Empower

Exploring on common self-sabotaging healing process and self-victimisation talk which should not be what we define ourself with. To know that we are more than our diagnosis. Recognising those destructive patterns and also retraining the mind to make better choices to…


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